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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Switch setup for FCIP traffic


   I am trying to setup two DCX 4S with Fx8-24 blades for FCIP traffic. Got a couple of questions about the switch setup.  The chassis are VF enabled so the only swithes are default switches with FID128.  I enabled the FCR using fosconfig --enable fcr on both the switches. When I run the switchshow command, I see that the FC Router shows up as OFF. Do I need to have this ON for it to work with FCIP and if so, how would I enable this.  Also, will the FID of 128 allow both the default switches to merge the fabrics over VR ports ?  My main concern is about the FC Router services which I assume needs to be on for FCIP to work but I am not sure how I can get it to turn on. I had thought that enabling FCR would turn this on too but so far, it show off. Here is what I have.

FID128:admin> fosconfig --show

FC Routing service:             enabled

iSCSI service:                  Service not supported on this Platform

iSNS client service:            Service not supported on this Platform

Virtual Fabric:                 enabled

Switchshow :

FC Router:      OFF

Allow XISL Use: OFF

LS Attributes: 

Any thoughts.

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Re: Switch setup for FCIP traffic

FC Router is set to/as OFF, when no other EDGE FC-FC Routing Switch is connect and no Routing - EX_Port - is formed.

And I assuming you have at the moment nothing configured, correct ?

2th, if you want to use the FX8-24 for FCIP you need a FCIP/FC License, and create a Tunnel/Circuit.

all this have nothing to do basically with FC-FC Router

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Re: Switch setup for FCIP traffic

Thank you. We are not doing FC-FC routing so we are good.

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