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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Switch rebooted regularly and inaccessible via telnet

Hi there.

Currenlty we facing switch (Silkworm 3800) got reboot regularly in our environment. I really appreciate if some one advise me what could cause the switch reboot regularly.

Errors captured:

switch is inaccessible and keeps rebooting itself each time below panic error shown:


Running Port Register Test .... passed.

Running Central Memory Test ... passed.

Running CMI Test .............. passed.

Running Turbo RAM Test ........ passed.

Running CAM Test ..............Dec  4 20:09:36
Panic: INCONSISTENT - pt0: cmi err, 0x42, 0x80000000

reset sema 0x102e5f50 for tReceive
0x1032fd50 (tSwitch): Dec  4 20:09:37
    CRITICAL DIAG-CAMINIT, 1, CAM Test, pass 1,
Pt0 (Bm0.0) Failed to Init: port not active,
Err# 223B


Suspect : Mother board Faulty

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