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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Storage Bonding to FC Switch need URGENT help



I have recently bonded 2 HBA Cards on my Fujitsu storage device 

Storage 1

Bond 1 :     GW

Bond 2 :     GW 



Media Server IP : 


This connection when directly connected to the Media Server (IBM ) works perfectly but when 

we connect it to the FC i am no longer able to access the GUI from the second bond but works from the first bond 

I can ping and access the CLİ but cannot access the GUI or get Symantec to see the device from the second bond .

I am assuming there is a conflict somewhere but cannot figure out where 


We also have two more storages 

Storage 2 CS800 S6

Bond1 : GW


This also has the same issue when going through a switch i am ubanle to access the GUI but can ping and acess the CLI 


Storage 3


CS800 S5


No bonding done but to give everyone a full picture it is directly connected to the media server 


Eth 21 : IP GW 


This works as well as it is directly connected not through the switch 


For some reason when the switch is connected we lose connection on the 20.20 ip addresses 


   Media Server 1 : GW

   Media Server 2   :   GW



Can anyone give me some input whether it might be a routing issue or something else i am stuck on this one 






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Re: Storage Bonding to FC Switch need URGENT help



sorry my ignorance, what is a "Bond" ?


additional you talk here about FC Switch, connected via IP ????


can you please clarified ? Standard FC Switch don't really support IP Protocols.


post please a Draw, and exact Switch Type/Model and FOS / Firmware release.


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