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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SAN Migration

Hi everyone,


Our customer have 2 Fabrics which contain Core switches 5100/5300 (FOS 7.2.0d) and 4024 (FOS 6.2.2f) as Edge(backend) switches.

Fabric A -> Core 5100/5300 -> Edge 4024

Fabric B -> Core 5100/5300 -> Edge 4024


Customer wants replace 5100/5300 switches to 6510/20 switches as Core.

Whats is the best way how to that?

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Re: SAN Migration



Which kind of zooning are you using now in this fabrics?

If there is wwn based zooning then you may coonect new switches to the edge switches.

New switches will then merge in to the one fabric with same active zooning configuration.

After that you only have to recable all ports from CORE to new switches.


But it depends on whole topology and what you have connected in these Fabrics.




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Marian Bezeg

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