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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Refurbishing SAN

Hello All,

We have a SAN which is of heterogenous topology...I am thinking on re-designing it .There are 6 director class 48k switches in the core and a 14 (7 brocade 4100's and 4900;s)...they are all connected to only 1 48k core switch A.. The rest 4 core 48k (switch B,C,D,E)switches have ISL with Switch A.

I know its very unsual way to design a fabirc but its been like this even before i joined here... Here are my objectives..

There are close to 900 free ports in the 6 director switches.If possible decomm as many of the edge switches (4100's and 4900's) and try for a simple core design( less hardware , less cost , customer happy)

or Choose a toplogy in such a way that it is scalable edge-core-edge topology.

Kindly suggest me the best approach so that it shud sustain in the future if need to be scaled.

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Re: Refurbishing SAN

This depends primary from the distances from the servers and the switches and the number of room where you have to provide FC SAN services.

It is difficult to provide a good statement.

If you have currently only a single fabric you should think to create two separate fabrics to increase the availability. This will be an advantage for the customer.

I hope this helps,


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