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Problem accessing Brocade 2005-16B switch via web-interface

Hi all,

I started to administer 4 x BRO SILKWORM 200E switches.

All has Fabric OS:  v5.2.2a

HTTP access is working only for 1 out of 4 (via IE or Mozilla).

For all others I got "The webpage cannot be found"

Tested it on different computers (Win OS) with the same effect.

What are the basic steps to look for some differencies on those switches?

What to look for first?

Any suggestions welcome.


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Re: Problem accessing Brocade 2005-16B switch via web-interface


I think that the first thing that I would do is to restart the httpd service on the switches.  Sometimes it hangs.  To do this, log into the switch via telnet or ssh (whichever you have configured) as admin and type "configure" at the prompt.  This will start an interactive session and will ask you questions.  Answer n,no, or just it enter for most of them, but when it asks about http, tell it yes.  Then disable http and continue on with the interactive session until it ends.  Once you've done that, start the session again (typing "configure") and turn http back on.  I have done this many times on my switches, and it usually works fine.

I would like to mention though that if any of your switches are above FOS 5.3, this won't work.  The httpd service has been combined into other services and you can no longer access the httpd service directly.

Hope this helps,

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