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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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M5424 SAN I/O switches reboots intermittently


I have two M5424 SAN I/O switches in a Dell PowerEdge M1000e that both reboots intermittently. The switches can operate fine for a week, a month etc. and without warning both reboot and will become operational again after a while. The switches are on FOS ver. 6.3 and I have been advised by Dell to upgrade them to FOS ver. 7. They have been through the switch logs and can confirm the reboots occur at the same time and can't find a hardware fault.

My question is this known issue and is the FOS upgrade recommended in this scenario as described above. My aim is just to get another opinion, pretty much the same as when you go to the doctor when you know something serious is wrong. I have dealt with vendors enough to know to ask for alternatives and opinions rather than accept that seems to be the easy route out sometimes for vendors to get a support ticket resolved by suggesting a firmware upgrade to no avail.

Thank you.

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