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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Link between SFP 16Gb and a SFP 8Gb possible%3F

A customer has some 8Gb FC switch in place. Now we are selling an HPE BladeSystem with 16Gb Brocade FC switch (and SFP 16 Gb).

Can I today attach the new BladeSystem (using SFP 16Gb) to the current switch fabric (populated with SFP 8Gb) runing at 8Gb??


What I 'd like is that the new SFP negotiate down to 8 Gb today, and, in the future, when the customer upgrade their switches to a newer 16Gb type, I could use this same SFP at 16Gb.


Is this possible?

Do we need a special SFP+ for that? Any advice?




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Re: Link between SFP 16Gb and a SFP 8Gb possible%3F



ISL between 8Gb Switches to 16Gb / 32GB is full compatible and Supported, and no special SFP is required.




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