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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Licensing Question - Port Trunking

I just recently purchased (2) 6520 switches that I want to interconnect to my existing fabric.  I know I can do a simple ISL to get connectivity but do I need any additional licensing if I wanted to trunk 2 or more links?  I’ve checked the documentation and it appears that the functionality is built into the OS and no additional licenses are required.  Just need to confirm. 

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Re: Licensing Question - Port Trunking

ISL trunking requires an additional license (ISL trunking) on both switches participating in the trunk.

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Re: Licensing Question - Port Trunking

Greetings mstollar.  Trunking is a optionally purchased license.  I coincidentally wrote a blog in the 'design & build' section yesterday about trial use for licenses.  you can reference that article if you wish to test the trunking license.

For more info in trunking you can review the ISL Trunking Datasheet:


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Re: Licensing Question - Port Trunking



Does the trunking license come standard with the DCX 8510-4 & 8 switches or is this also requested/purchased seperately as with the edge switches (6510, 6520)?



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Re: Licensing Question - Port Trunking

by NetApp, IBM, and EMC, trunking license is bundled by Standard Default License Package, and channel part order.


I've no Info for HP, HDS, DELL, and Fujitsu.


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