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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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LSAN problem

I have an Brocade 6510 and I create one base switch with routing enable. I connect to EXport on it. I create LSAN Zoning with BNA and when I check on my regular switch the zoning the device is unknown. The connexion is not working...


View in Zoning windows :



 (50:05:07:68:03:04:15:18) Unknown

 (50:05:07:68:03:04:15:19) Unknown

[0b0c00]  (50:05:07:68:0b:23:27:86) IBM Corp

[0b0d00]  (50:05:07:68:0b:23:27:87) IBM Corp

[0b0800]  (50:05:07:68:0b:21:27:86) IBM Corp

[0b0900]  (50:05:07:68:0b:21:27:87) IBM Corp


Posts: 30
Registered: ‎06-25-2013

Re: LSAN problem

switch_8:FID8:admin> lsanzoneshow -s
Fabric ID: 41 Zone Name: LSAN_DS3512
        50:05:07:68:03:04:15:18  Configured
        50:05:07:68:03:04:15:19  Configured
        50:05:07:68:0b:21:27:86  EXIST
        50:05:07:68:0b:23:27:86  EXIST
        50:05:07:68:0b:21:27:87  EXIST
        50:05:07:68:0b:23:27:87  EXIST
Fabric ID: 42 Zone Name: LSAN_DS3512
        50:05:07:68:03:04:15:18  EXIST
        50:05:07:68:03:04:15:19  EXIST
        50:05:07:68:0b:21:27:86  Configured
        50:05:07:68:0b:23:27:86  Configured
        50:05:07:68:0b:21:27:87  Configured
        50:05:07:68:0b:23:27:87  Configured

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Registered: ‎06-25-2013

Re: LSAN problem

LabBonaSW1:admin> cfgshow
Defined configuration:
 cfg:   LabZone
 zone:  LSAN_DS3512
                50:05:07:68:0B:21:27:86; 50:05:07:68:0B:21:27:87;
                50:05:07:68:0B:23:27:86; 50:05:07:68:0B:23:27:87;
                50:05:07:68:03:04:15:18; 50:05:07:68:03:04:15:19

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