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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Interop BRCD 48K, BRCD3016, McData6 and BRCD300

Hi community,

I have a SAN with the follow Components:

1 Brocade 48K. FOS 5.3.2c. Interop mode 1

2 Brocade3016 FOS 5.3.2c Interop mode 1

1 McData/Q-Logic 6-Port Fibre Channel Switch Module . V5. Switch Part Number: 26K6479

The switchs are already connected to Director and it's working properly.
Then, I am trying to join 2 Brocade 300 with FOS 6.4.0a and interop mode 2.
The merge fail with error FC-SW version is no compatible.
The McData Modules may be the problem?
Is there any other option to do this?
Nehomar Azcarate
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Re: Interop BRCD 48K, BRCD3016, McData6 and BRCD300

No, you cannot merge switches if their interop mode is different. They need to respond to a certain level of FC-SW (fibre-channel standard) ILS commands and responses before being able to merge.

My advice - ditch the McData and go to native mode on the brocades. It's not worth the hassle to try to fix and maintain your current setup.

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