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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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How to remove of blades on DCX and re-configuration of DCX switches


I want procedure created for the removal of blades and re-configuration of DCX switches.


diverted from the original configuration where the FCIP blades where to be installed in Slot 1 in both of the primary DCXs, they decided to remove the 64 port blades from slot 12 and install boards there. But the problem is those slots/ports are configured as part of a virtual switch. So the cards went into a fault state. The original 64 port blades are not in use and were to be installed into the other DCXs.  The original plan was to swap to do a straight swap of a 64 port and 32 port blade between the DCX, and remove a 32 port blade (which will be shipped to the other site) and install the FCIP blade.

I need a written procedure that will include the steps and the tasks to perform the deletions of the virtual switches and the swaps. The actual process will have to be done in conjunction

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Re: How to remove of blades on DCX and re-configuration of DCX switches


We would require a little more detail of your architecture and VF / LS design. Generally speaking you can remote the ports assigned to a logical switch. Either assign them to another logical switch or to the default switch. Then you can remove the logical switch. Once it is removed you can remove the 64 port blade and install the FCIP blade. I believe you will need to 'move' any FCIP blade licenses to that slot as well as they will not migrate automatically. Depending on your design you may be able to leave the FCIP blade in the default logical switch or you may need to create a logical switch for it's solution.

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