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How to perform backup/restore in Brocade 300

Hi All,

There is some maitenece activity will schedule in first week of November'13 & we need to shut down one switch 'Brocade 300".

Could some one explain what are the precautionary mesausre we have to take before shut down that switch & what would the checks after doing restart of that switch?

Please also provide the pre-requisites & steps to take back/restore of complete switch configuration.



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Re: How to perform backup/restore in Brocade 300

configupload/configdownload enables you to perform backup and restore operations on (parts of) the switch config.

A clean shutdown is accomplished by sysshutdown.

How these commands work can be found in the FOS admin guide for the FOS level you've got your switch on.

You can also issue help {command} on the CLI.

As far as checks go this depends on your environment, but in general you expect the switch to return to the state before shutdown.

Assuming the switch is currently healthy, you expect it to return as healthy, although components could have failed in which case it will show marginal (or worse) and you need to call in support.

Below is a nobrainer, you most likely figured it out yourself already.

Check whether or not you have access to your storage (tape disk, whatever) and if multipath in involved.

Depending on the OS you will need to issue a LIP, rescan, reboot to get connected again.

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