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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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How can I trap MS-1009 type errors in SNMP


We had a cable suddenly go bad from the core switch (DCX-4S) to a disk array.  It didn't die so was causing the servers using that connection to hang.  I was able to spot this and disabled the offending port and got the engineers to check out the cable.

My problem is the time it took to pick this up - in errshow we see multiple MS-1009 "Exceeded bit error rate threshold" errors.  We have all snmp traps sent to a server and I was hoping to see a bunch of traps correlating to these messages but was disappointed.  We have Fabric Watch enabled but I suspect that we have something misconfigured.  Should I expect to see an snmp alert for each MS-1009 message?

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Re: How can I trap MS-1009 type errors in SNMP

Hello Flipper,

for my understanding FabricWatch events and events in the errdump are two differernt things.

First of all you can can forawrd each event of the errorlog to a syslog server. But this is not a trap which you have asked for.

You can configure FabriWatch to monitor errorcounter on ports. These can be configured with custom values and can be send as traps, syslog or e-mails in case of crossing a threshold. If a threshold has been crossed you will get a trap or syslog ort e-mail if configured.

I am not sure if you can setup the SNMP stuff to generate to each error message a dedicated trap.

I am working since years with the syslog implementation successfully and get all importrant messages.

I hope this helps,


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Re: How can I trap MS-1009 type errors in SNMP

Thanks Andreas,

It looks like I'll need t take the syslog route.



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