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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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[Help] how to find FWS624G WWN value

Hi guys,

I got a FWS624G switch without any infomation about management IP and WWN value. It is running now with serveral working connections. So I can't reset it but I just want to change some configurations. Here are some ways I've tried to connect to that switch.

For serials cable connection, I tried serveral kinds of cable but unscessfull. Even by using EZSwitchSetup.

For ethernet connection and using EZSwitchSetup: I can't find the WWN value on the switch body.

Any one here who work with these series before? Please help me the question: how can I find the WWN value of FWS624G?

Thank you!


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Re: [Help] how to find FWS624G WWN value


Take a look at the Installation manual

in it you can check the characteristics of the serial connection.

On the other hand, I am not sure but I reckon that these switchs do not have WWN...


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Re: [Help] how to find FWS624G WWN value

Yes, as I mentioned above, I tried with following configuration mentioned in the document:

• Baud: 9600 bps

• Data bits: 8

• Parity: None

• Stop bits: 1

• Flow control: None

with serveral kinds of cable without any successful.

Thank you for your post. I'm thinking of in case my switch's management module was failure.

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Re: [Help] how to find FWS624G WWN value

FWS uses a straight thru serial cable, with a female connector at both ends.  It looks like it should be a null modem, but it is not.  If you have trouble finding an appropriate cable, I have used a normal serial cable with a gender bender, to convert the male side to female.

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