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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Help gathering FC SAN Workload - Data Points

Hi All,

I'm in the process of writing a white paper for Brocade, that goes into depth on the mechanics of the FC network architecture. It's going to describe how frames flow within the network, how traffic is routed and delivered, and why it works so well for SCSI communications, in particular. One of the things I'm looking to describe is the workload that moves over a FC SAN during a given time period, and the importance of correct delivery of that network traffic. I'd like to be able to utilize real data points, from actual FC SAN architects/admins, to support the contention of how well FC works for SCSI traffic. As a result, I'm looking for data points in any of the following categories;

How much storage traffic flows through your FC SAN (in a given period)

How much of your company's storage traffic flows through the FC SAN

What are the downtime costs associated with your FC SAN (or if you ever had an outage and what it meant)

Approximate size of SAN infrastructure (approximate number and type of switches)

Approximate number of storage architects/admins for FC SAN

What type of industry/company

I'm not asking that you provide data points for all of those categories if you can't, or don't want to, but simply to contribute data points for the categories that you can. As an example, you may only definitively know, or want to share, how much traffic flows through your FC SAN in a given hour. That's fine with me, just remember to include the type of industry/company you represent, (and maybe the size of your SAN). What I plan to do with this data, is to include the points in the paper, in the following way;

"A Fortune 500 textile manufacturer sees 2147483648 frames pass through their SAN fabric every minute of the day.."

"90% of the storage traffic for a Fortune 500 publisher, flows through their SAN fabric of 8 DCXs managed by 2 admins.."

Obviously this information would be represented anonymously, as indicated by the above examples. If you can share with me these kinds of data points, or anything else related, please feel free to email them to me, (jlamb at brocade dot com).



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