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Fisma vulnerabilities in OS v6.4.3

Are these vulnerabilities fixed in a later version of the FABOS? Like  6.4.3c  or  7.x.x?

   MEDIUM RISK:  Apache HTTP Server HTTPOnly Cookie

   MEDIUM RISK:  NSF Exported Filesystems List Vulnerability

   LOW RISK:   Hidden RPC Services

   LOW RISK:   TCP Sequence Number Approximation Based

   LOW RISK:   NSF RPC Services Listening on Non-Privileged

   LOW RISK:   UDP Constant IP Identification Field

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Re: Fisma vulnerabilities in OS v6.4.3


In the following link you can check which version of Oper Source Code applications, such as Apache, are installed in each FOS release:

If you know the code version that contains a fix for those vulnerabilities, it'd be easy for you to check it out.


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Re: Fisma vulnerabilities in OS v6.4.3

Felipon, Belatedly,  thanks. Am working through new brcd vulnerablities this month.

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