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Firmwarecommit failed on Brocase 8%2F12 switch

customer was trying to upgrade the switch firmware from 7.1.0A to latest 7.1.1c
he says primary partition it got upgraded seems to be ok but on sec partition didnt get upgrade.
getting error "Firmware Download command failed"
he has downloaded the firmware from hp site.
>hene we asked customer to force commit using the comamnd firmwarecommit –f - it dodnot work initially
rebooted - same issue
>There was a tracedump.dmp in /mnt/var using up a lot of the filespace on /mnt. so he did a “TraceDump –R” to delete the tracedump.dmp file.
>“firmwarecommit –f was successful.
>customer also noticed there was a hasm.log in /mnt/var/log/ using up about 17MB of the filespace on /mnt.
>customer wants to know Is there any way to reduce the size of hasm.log?


Logs @ ftp://es309124:b*UC7ok$



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Re: Firmwarecommit failed on Brocase 8%2F12 switch

supportshow you upload on ftp, show follow:


firmwareshow -v       :
Appl     Primary/Secondary Versions
FOS      v7.1.1c

WARNING: Firmwaredownload is in progress.

firmwareshow --history       :
Firmware version history

Sno   Date & Time                      Switch Name                      Slot PID    FOS Version
1     Wed Apr 17 16:17:04 2013         ma-bl-sw-fc2                     0    921    Fabos Version 7.1.0a

2     Thu May  1 14:37:04 2014         ma-bl-sw-fc2                     0    879    Fabos Version 7.1.1c


I would suggest - without any warranty - to try again with firmwaredownload with FOS 7.1.0a


if the download failed again, then you shold open a call for replacement.





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Re: Firmwarecommit failed on Brocase 8%2F12 switch


Logs @ ftp://es309124: b*UC7ok$



Just WTF, did you ever consider you just gave everyone access to information/data which belongs to your customer.

I mean


-Found a hostname (more actually (switchhostname and devices having active TCP sessions at the time of the capture)

enabling me to find the goverment state agency in AU you have a case for.


From the files you can get or determine

-brand/type of storage used


-SNMP trap host

Perhaps minor but still with some social enginering one could even talk to the person who logged the case with HP in the first place.


Regardless of what to find in the logs, if I would be the customer I would not be happy about it if I found out.

At least you should have taken the time to anonimize the info.


And on top of that, you also allowed everyone to use the credentials you gave to up/download whatever they like to an HP ftp server.

I suggest you get that info and account offline ASAP.




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Re: Firmwarecommit failed on Brocase 8%2F12 switch

hahaha wtf.txt :smileylol:

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