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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Factory Reset Brocade 300

I am following below methods to factory default my Brocade 300.
My problem was, some information still there.
Like Banner, MOTD, users, ipaddress.
1. Is there a method like Cisco, that with only write erase and reload will reset everything?
admin> switchdisable
Brocade-300:admin> 2018/06/12-09:46:01, [FW-1424], 410, FID 128, WARNING, Brocade-300, Switch status changed from HEALTHY to MARGINAL.
2018/06/12-09:46:01, [FW-1439], 411, FID 128, WARNING, Brocade-300, Switch status change contributing factor Switch offline.
Brocade-300:admin> cfgclear
The Clear All action will clear all Aliases, Zones, FA Zones and configurations in the Defined configuration.
Run cfgSave to commit the transaction or cfgTransAbort to cancel the transaction.
Do you really want to clear all configurations?  (yes, y, no, n): [no] y
Brocade-300:admin> cfgsave
You are about to save the Defined zoning configuration. This action will only save the changes on Defined configuration.
Any changes made on the Effective configuration will not take effect until it is re-enabled. Until the Effective configuration is re-enabled, merging new switches into the fabric is not recommended and may cause unpredictable results with the potential of mismatched Effective Zoning configurations.
Do you want to save Defined zoning configuration only?  (yes, y, no, n): [no] y
sw0 Updating flash ...
2018/06/12-09:46:27, [ZONE-1024], 412, FID 128, INFO, Brocade-300, cfgSave completes successfully.
Updating flash ...
Brocade-300:admin> configdefault
Executing configdefault...Please wait
Already in Native Mode continuing with configDefault
Committing configuration ... done.
The switch has to be rebooted to allow the changes to take effect.
2018/06/12-09:46:37, [CONF-1031], 413, FID 128, INFO, Brocade-300, configDefault completed successfully for switch.
Brocade-300:admin> switchenable
2018/06/12-09:46:51, [FW-1425], 414, FID 128, INFO, Brocade-300, Switch status changed from MARGINAL to HEALTHY.
Then, for the ip addresses, you must reset them manually with the "ipaddrset" command, as suggested above.
As to the user accounts, I would go into either CLI or the webgui and delete all accounts except "factory" and/or "root".
configDefault - Resets the nonpersistent configuration data to factory defaults.
This command resets nonpersistent configuration parameters only. The following parameters are not affected by this command:
1. Ethernet MAC address, IP address, subnet mask, and boot ROM parameters
2. IP gateway address
3. License keys
4. OEM customization
5. Product ID and Vendor ID
6. SNMP configuration
7. System name
8. Chassis name
9. World wide name
10. Zoning configuration (includes aliases, zones, and configurations)
11. Security parameters and policies
12. User account passwords (includes all user configuration and all built-in accounts)
13. Switch PID format
14. Ethernet Link Mode
this is for the configDefault as admin
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Re: Factory Reset Brocade 300



regarding your Question:

"Is there a method like Cisco, that with only write erase and reload will reset everything?"


Theanswer ist: No




Kind Regards

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