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FOS v8.1.2d.md5 checksum mismatch

Hello Brocade Support Team,


I have downloaded the FOS v8.1.2d files and have ran the checksum and recieve a mismatch.


The Brocade provided Checksum file v8.1.2d.md5 has the following Checksum:


c9b478fda2c81a9c79b19e6c988df94e      ./v8.1.2d.tar.gz

c69c1056a52397d11a236cedbdeb8848    ./


The actual file creates the following checksum:

v8.1.2d.tar.gz:  265acb7b680ff53de10674400037e6ab      eeba70b51f1fa7e3ed139c2c8dbf5a25


Could you please tell me which checksum is correct.


Thank you and best regards,

daniel wooten

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