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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FOS upgrade path


I am using Brocade SAN-300, version 6.1.0c and second one is 6.4.1a (Extended fabric), both switches are interconnected.

I want to upgrade both switchs FOS to 7.1. release.

1st switch have 24 ports enabled, where as 2nd switch have only 16 ports enabled.

  • Are there any instruction for upgrade from 6.1.0c to 7.1?
  • My existing license will continue to work?
  • Any recommendations


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Re: FOS upgrade path


You don't need to worry about licensing, it will keep working after the upgrade.

I recommend you to, first, upgrade the Brocade 300 with 6.1.0c to 6.4.1a (some intermediate steps are required: 6.1.0c -> 6.2.x -> 6.3.x -> 6.4.1a) and once both ends are in the same FOS version, proceed with the next upgrades.

Check FOS 7.1 release notes prior to perform the upgrade, because it contains useful info regarding upgrade and compatibility (in order to go to fos 7.1 you'll need to step by 7.0.x)


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