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FOS 6.4 unable to login via webtools

Hi all,

I have updated my fabric form FOS 6.3.2 and 6.3.1b to 6.4.0b and after the update I am not able to login into my DCX boxes via Webtools. =8-O

A login with a SSH session is possible. :-)

I have checked the radius config. It looks that the switch is not sending an authentication request to the RADIUS box if I try to login with webtools (HTTP).

If I do it with SSH the request is send correctly.

The local database is also not requested when I try to login via HTTP.

Other switches ( 48K / 4900 / 4100 ) in the same fabric have no issues. Before the update it works fine.

I have not changed anything in the infrastructure!

Any ideas?



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Re: FOS 6.4 unable to login via webtools

Known FOS defect in webtools. Will be fixed in later code. For now disable radius.



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