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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Re: FCR lost problem

[ Edited ]

Sorry for my delay! A few days ago, we just turned on some ignored machine systems those belong to their corresponding LSAN Zone, then the FCR became normal & good!
But I still somewhat do not understand why the xlateWWNs must need all the entities of their corresponding LSAN systems' WWNs to activate in spite of themselves virtuality!


> fcrxlateconfig
ImportedFid ExportedFid  Domain    OwnerDid         XlateWWN
   100      101          200       0000a0    5c:4f:57:cc:a2:fe:4f:23
   101      100          200       0000a0    5c:4f:57:cc:a2:fe:4f:24

Persist XD state: Enabled

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Re: FCR lost problem

Thank you for your message and... good to hear all's fine!!!

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