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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FCIP Tunnel speed issue

So here is the scenario, I have an fcip tunnel with one circuit configured between two sites approx. 500km apart. The link in between is 10GB and wan routers have max uplink of 2.5gbps. When i run the wan tool I am able to get speeds of 125/MBps Tx/Rx with no pkt loss, ooo pkts, etc when configured for a 1000000 kbps comm rate test.


The issue is, when I run replication traffic between two arrays, I am getting horrible speeds, on avg 0.5mbps.


The tunnel is configured with -b 500000 -B 1000000, and compression of fast-deflate. (note, I have tried with compression set to none and same result)


Scratching my head as to why the wan tool can push much better speed and the tunnel performs horribly.


Any suggestions of something to check would be greatly appreciated.





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Re: FCIP Tunnel speed issue



-> FCIP Tunnel speed issue


can you please specified in more detailes:


1) switch type: 7800; 7840 / FX8-24

2) FOS Release

3) Post please Output installed License "licenseshow"

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Re: FCIP Tunnel speed issue

Thanks for the reply Antonio. The issue has been resolved. Turns out the speed limitation issue was on the devices using the tunnel and they were configured too low.

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Re: FCIP Tunnel speed issue

quick follow up on this question, can you elaborate on what was configured too low here?


what was changed to get it to work. i am seeing something of the same sort of issue and am banging my head on what the cause is.



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