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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FCIP Configuration on IBM SAN06B-R

Dear All,

We are planning to install two SAN06B-R routers connecting to IBM V7000's. I have attached a pictorial representation of the environment. Can someone help me with the steps to configure FCIP on the SAN06B-R switches.



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Re: FCIP Configuration on IBM SAN06B-R

Hi Steve,

Please refer to the following manuals:

= PR202 Discovery Release Product Readiness Training, module 17 FCIP Configuration

= Fabric OS FCIP Administration Guide (53-1001766-01):

Please follow these basic steps to create a VE-to-VE_Port tunnel:

1. Determine required parameters for the VE_Ports and FCIP tunnel

2. Configure hardware ports of necessary for appropriate media type and mode (portCfgGeMediaType)

3. Persistently disable the virtual FC ports (VE) associated with the tunnel (portCfgPersistentDisable).

4. Create an IP interfacve for each physical Ethernet port to be used (portCfg ipif <port> create <ip> <netmask> <mtu>).

5. (optional) Configure an IP route for each port to specify an IP gateway (portCfg iproute <port> create <destination> <netmask> <gateway> <metric>).

6. Verify the IP network between the two IP interfaces that will form the FCIP tunnel (portCmd --ping|--traceroute <port> -s <source> -d <destination>).

7. Create an FCIP tunnel (circuit 0 will be created automatically, you can add second circuit later) (portCfg fciptunnel <port> create ...).

8. As needed, configure FCIP features (SACK, compression etc.).

9. Verify configuration, enable the associated VE_Port, and validate functionality (portShow fciptunnel <port>; portCfgPersistentEnable <port>).

Hope this helps,


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