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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Extended fabric license vs. EGM license

I need to connect a 300 switch to a 5100 switch. The switches are just over 10km apart. I have configured a port on the 5100 for long distance. No problem. On the 300 switch I got an extended fabric trial license but I am still not able to configure a port for long distance and I am not able to choose any extended fabric options. It states i need an EGM license for the advanced features, but shouldn´t the extended fabric license be enough?

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Re: Extended fabric license vs. EGM license

Greetings laek.  Thats an interesting one.  EGM (Enhanced Group Management) is basically an included license (depending on the model) to allow DCFM to conduct group management (i.e deploying firmware updates fabric wide) and shouldn't have any bearing on configuring long distance.  Can you share the steps used to configure the 300 that leads up to the message?  are you using DCFM (or other management software) or are you using CLI?  If you are using management software please include the version and steps.  A screenshot of the message would be great too if at all possible.


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Re: Extended fabric license vs. EGM license

I am using webtools. Clicking the port & "edit configuration". longdist.jpg

The 300 switch has 8 Gig FC, Fabric & Extended Fabric licenses installed.

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Re: Extended fabric license vs. EGM license

Hi there,

Instead of via Webtools try to configure the port with CLI. command portcfglondistance is the one you need to run.


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