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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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E-port No light

Hello people,

I have 2 Brocade 300 switches, one in the production site and one in the disaster site a few hundred meters away,

which I have to connect via single mode fiber.

So, all my multimode SFPs are active and in "F" status but when I insert the single mode SFP in port 0

it remains without light and in "U" status on both switches.

I tried configuring the port 0 as "E-port" only, setting the port speed auto, 2g, 4g but no result,

it remains in "U" status.

I think it should be configured automatically, am I wrong?

Shouldn't it be active just after inserting the singlemode SFP?

Please advise!




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Re: E-port No light

[ Edited ]

what do you see in portshow and sfpshow for this port? what is licenseshow?

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Re: E-port No light

Here you are and thanks for your reply:


Brocade_PROD_up:root> portshow 0
portIndex: 0
portName: port0
portHealth: Fabric vision license not present. Please install the license and retry the operation.

Authentication: None
portDisableReason: None
portCFlags: 0x1
portFlags: 0x1 PRESENT U_PORT
LocalSwcFlags: 0x0
portType: 18.0
POD Port: Port is licensed
portState: 2 Offline
Protocol: FC
portPhys: 4 No_Light portScn: 2 Offline
port generation number: 0
state transition count: 1

portId: 010000
portIfId: 43020017
portWwn: 20:00:50:eb:1a:be:ca:ba
portWwn of device(s) connected:

Distance: normal
portSpeed: 2Gbps

Credit Recovery: Inactive
LE domain: 0
Peer beacon: Off
FC Fastwrite: OFF
Interrupts: 0 Link_failure: 0 Frjt: 0
Unknown: 0 Loss_of_sync: 0 Fbsy: 0
Lli: 8 Loss_of_sig: 0
Proc_rqrd: 0 Protocol_err: 0
Timed_out: 0 Invalid_word: 0
Rx_flushed: 0 Invalid_crc: 0
Tx_unavail: 0 Delim_err: 0
Free_buffer: 0 Address_err: 0
Overrun: 0 Lr_in: 0
Suspended: 0 Lr_out: 0
Parity_err: 0 Ols_in: 0
2_parity_err: 0 Ols_out: 0
CMI_bus_err: 0

Port part of other ADs: No


Brocade_PROD_up:root> sfpshow
Port 0: id (lw) Vendor: BROCADE Serial No: UDA111071040781 Speed: 2,4,8_Gbps
Port 1: id (sw) Vendor: BROCADE Serial No: UAF415380000DF0 Speed: 2,4,8_Gbps
Port 2: id (sw) Vendor: BROCADE Serial No: UAF41535000103V Speed: 2,4,8_Gbps
Port 3: id (sw) Vendor: BROCADE Serial No: UAF415110000852 Speed: 2,4,8_Gbps
Port 4: id (sw) Vendor: BROCADE Serial No: UAF4153700006B4 Speed: 2,4,8_Gbps
Port 5: id (sw) Vendor: BROCADE Serial No: UAF415370000849 Speed: 2,4,8_Gbps
Port 6: id (sw) Vendor: BROCADE Serial No: UAF41537000084Z Speed: 2,4,8_Gbps
Port 7: id (sw) Vendor: BROCADE Serial No: UAF4151100008VF Speed: 2,4,8_Gbps


Brocade_PROD_up:root> licenseshow
8 Gig FC license

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Re: E-port No light

so i think your problem is with the license. you are basically running a fabric which is limited to a standalone switch. i'm not expert in licensing, moreover, different vendors might have different license bundles, but you would need something like "fabric" and/or "extended fabric" license to build a multi-domain fabric with long distance links.

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Re: E-port No light

Dear Alexey,

I will ask the vendor about the fabric license if it is needed or not

but what about the "no_light" situation, shouldn't the single mode SFP produce light just after insertion

(just like the other multimode do)?

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Re: E-port No light

The problem associated with long wave sfp module. This type of module automatically require addition license.

Your two ways:

1. You can make you isl connection between switches only with short wave sfp.

2. Buy the licence.

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