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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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E-Port Upgrade

I activated a license on brocade website (on the paper it says full fabric license). In the mail i got back it states it is a E-Port Upgrade license. In the old switches i have the name is Full Fabric, Is E-port Upgrade the new name for the Full Fabric license ?

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Re: E-Port Upgrade

Hello Jan,

it looks like a temporary license.

In FOS 6.4 release notes you can find following:

Temporary License Support

The following licenses are available for 45-day temporary use, with a maximum of two temporary licenses per feature and per switch (90 days maximum):

Fabric (E_Port) license

Extended Fabric license

Trunking license


Did you requested a temporary license?

I hope this helps,


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Re: E-Port Upgrade

E_Port = Fabric License

Fabric License = E_Port License

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Re: E-Port Upgrade


It is not a temp license. The license is registerd with Brocade as feature key (with the enclosed envelop). 

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