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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Disabled (Implicit Platform Service Enable operation blocked)


Is anyone familiar with this message, "Disabled (Implicit Platform Service Enable operation blocked)"? I received this message on a Brocade 300 fw v6.4.0(8G), when I connected an ISL to a Brocade 5100 v6.4.0(8G). The port becomes disabled. Changed cables, changed ports, same result. The B-300 was new, all ports licensed for 8G and had no configuration on it. No domain ID conflicts. The ISL was alive long enough for the switch to merge into the fabric. I tried configuring the port as an E-port prior to connecting the ISL and received the same result. Lots of Invalid_words, 2 million+.



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Re: Disabled (Implicit Platform Service Enable operation blocked)

Good evening,

With both switches disconnected, try running this command in both swithces ( if more than one in the other fabric needs to be run on the principal switch)


After that connect the cable/s and it will merge just fine....

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Re: Disabled (Implicit Platform Service Enable operation blocked)

Thanks that is the correct answer. Support came through for me a couple of days ago. For some unknown reason one of my principal switch had the Management Server Platform service enabled.

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Re: Disabled (Implicit Platform Service Enable operation blocked)

I have two Brocade 6510 (HP SN67000B) switches I am adding to existing fabrics,   I am getting Implicit Platform Service Enable operation blocked error, and ports disable.  When running the msPlMgmtDeactivate command as advised on the new switches shows not activated.

When run msPlMgmtDeactivate on current principal switches states:

This will erase MS Platform Service configuration
information as well as database in the entire fabric.
Would you like to continue this operation? (yes, y, no, n): n
What information can I find on what this will affect?  I do not want to disrupt the current FC connections.
thank you for further information.
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Re: Disabled (Implicit Platform Service Enable operation blocked)


According to the Brocade Admin guide:

The Management Server

The Brocade Fabric OS Management Server (MS) allows a SAN management application to retrieve information and administer interconnected switches, servers, and storage devices. The management server assists in the autodiscovery of switch-based fabrics and their associated topologies.

A client of the management server can find basic information about the switches in the fabric and use this information to construct topology relationships. The management server also allows you to obtain certain switch attributes and, in some cases, modify them. For example, logical names identifying switches can be registered with the management server.
The management server provides several advantages for managing a Fibre Channel fabric:
• It is accessed by an external Fibre Channel node at the well-known address FFFFFAh, so an application can access information about the entire fabric management with minimal knowledge of the existing configuration.
• It is replicated on every Brocade switch within a fabric.
• It provides an unzoned view of the overall fabric configuration. This fabric topology view exposes the internal configuration of a fabric for management purposes; it contains interconnect information about switches and devices connected to the fabric. Under normal circumstances, a device (typically an FCP initiator) queries the Name Server for storage devices within its member zones. Because this limited view is not always sufficient, the management server provides the application with a list of the entire Name Server database.

According to this, the MS feature is used to have access to the FC info from an external host. Never use it but deactivating it seems to be an online operative.

Execute the command  msplatshow and you will probably get the following output as response:
*MS Platform Management Service DB is empty.

Deactivating MS feature will delete this DB.

but in case of doubt, consult your service provider.


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Re: Disabled (Implicit Platform Service Enable operation blocked)

Hi Aristide,

Management Server Platform feature is long since abandoned by Brocade and can be safely disabled.

In the past it was used to provide some in-band management functionality.

As far as I remember disabling it doesn't affect data path.

Hope this helps,


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Re: Disabled (Implicit Platform Service Enable operation blocked)

Thank you Aristide and Linar,

Yes the DB was showing as empty and disabling the service did not affect fabrics and resolved my issues.

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