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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Difference between snmpinfo and snmptrap


I've recently configured around 6 SAN switches in my environment from the scratch including SNMP settings.Few months later, i identified one of the switch is not sending any status change alerts to SNMP manager (DCFM server).

After investigation it has been identified that snmpv3 has snmpinfo=ON (enabled) for the bothering switch.

Switch1:FID54:admin> snmpconfig --show snmpv3

SNMP Informs = 1 (ON)    àWhereas it is OFF for other five switches

After disabling the SNMP informs, switch is sending the status changes alerts to mgt station. And the problem is fixed now.

My question is,

1) As far as i know, there is no difference between SNMP Trap and SNMP Inform except the acknowledgement from the later. What is stopping the switch from sending alerts when SNMP Informs is enabled? (Engine ID is correctly mapped to DCFM IP address)

2) Any special setting is required for SNMP informs to work?



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