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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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DCX snmpv3 solarwinds configuration

I am unable to discover dcx switches in solarwinds via snmpv3 protocol. The devices are discovered just fine while using snmv1.I have tried almost all the setttings, ro/rw users, authentication /no authentication , priv/no priv, different ports but to no avail.However, Connectrix manager seems to have no trouble discovering devices using snmpv3.


User (ro): [snmpuser1]
Auth Protocol [MD5(1)/SHA(2)/noAuth(3)]: (1..3) [1]
New Auth Passwd:
Priv Protocol [DES(1)/noPriv(2)/AES128(3)/AES256(4)]): (1..4) [2]
Engine ID: [80:00:06:34:03:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:e0]

UserIndex: (1..6) [4]
Trap recipient Severity level : (0..5) [4]
Trap recipient Port : (0..65535) [162]
Trap Recipient's IP address : []
Trap Recipient's IP address : []

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Re: DCX snmpv3 solarwinds configuration

Hi snkj,


what is your FOS version of your switch? Are you using virtual fabrics? Please, can you provide the output from CLI:


snmpconfig --show snmpv3


Things to check


  • Matching Priv Protocol usage, so if switch set to AuthNoPriv then solaris must have use that plus specify protocol in query (in 7.4 and later).
  • If you are using virtual fabric, you must specify a context, the VF:<FID> with snmpv3
  • If you are using virtual fabric, the snmpuser (excluding the snmpuserX and snmpadminX) need to exists as user on the switch.


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