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Console access on Brocade Silkworm 2400


I am new to Brocade switches, Could somebody help me to have console access to the switch to reset the password and setup IP address. I have Cisco console cable DB-9 to DB-9 cable cross connected to PC. When I start switch, it seems to boot up fine, with yellow light flashing and then all 8 port becomes solid green. But, I dont see anything on console and tried hitting enter few times nothing happesn.

Is there break sequence to get into boot mode to reset password or IP address such ad ctrl-]

I am trying to connect it to Cisco MDS 9216i and to McDATA Switch.

Many Thanks in advance.


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Re: Console access on Brocade Silkworm 2400

Hi shahid.ikram,

     A quick look and I found the following.

* To reset all passowrds you must obtain from Brocade a FOS password recovery file, this can be obtain only if you have a Support contract.

Serial Cabling and Emissions Requirements

Resetting Factory Defaults

In the event that a user changes a password and forgets it, the password can be


To reset factory defaults

1 Connect the serial port to a PC/workstation using a standard serial cable with a DB9


2 Establish a connection to the shell.

The prompt is displayed as


For example:


3 Enter the configDefault command. See the

Fabric OS Manual for more


However if you do not know the password then you can not reset the device to defaults.



The switch uses a standard serial cable with a male 9-pin D-Subminiature connector (but

only pins 2, 3 and 5 are required/supported; if 7 is used, this signal must always be driven

high, with the following pinouts:


Cabling Pinouts



2 TxData Transmit Data

3 RxData Receive Data


5 GND Logic Ground


7 CTS Clear to Send



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Re: Console access on Brocade Silkworm 2400

Hi Micheal,

Thanks for quick feedback. So, it is not Null Modem cable for console access. I don't have support contract for this switch, I just want to check interop. between Cisco MDS 9216i and Brocade 2400.

Any work around?


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Re: Console access on Brocade Silkworm 2400

Ok you don't have the password/ipadress nor the cable and no support contract.

The cable isn't the issue as you can make one yourself, look at mschipp comment for that.

But then your in trouble as you need to recover the password.

Your Brocade switch is rather old and uses VXworks as OS.

A password recovery (as described in from pag9 ) is possible but you have to have an support contract with Brocade as you need to send in some info and get a recovery string in return. You also need recovery firmware.

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