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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Code upgrade to 4.4.0d casuing Powerpath Issues?

we upgraded our large SAN fabrics to 4.4.0d code and now are experiencing paths being lost on Windows hosts running EMC Powerpath 3.0.6 code and Symmetrix storage(many have stg on more than one SYM). Anyone else have issues with this code?

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Re: Code upgrade to 4.4.0d casuing Powerpath Issues?

I'm having issues on a SilkWorm12000 where on application of a Zoning config, the switch fabric will lock and prevent access to the EVA5000 controller ports. This has only occured since applying 4.4.0d firmware. The zoning config change was minor (from a WWID to a PortID). Backing the change out also causes the same symptom. We got over it by shutting down all ports connected to the EVA5000 controllers and then bringing them back up one at a time. The fault cleared.

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