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Clone zoneset before doing a config change via CLI

Does any one know how to clone the existing zoneset on a brocade fabric using the CLI.  I want to be able to save the current zoneset and rename it something else so I have a backup in the event that I need to roll back.  I currently have about 300 zones in the production zoneset.  Below is a version of the comands I am currently running via the cli, however I cannot work out how to clone the zoneset called SAN_FAB1_PROD before I do any thing.  I am currently cloning the zoneset through the GUI.

alicreate "host1","50:01:43:80:12:0a:b6:9a"
alicreate "host2","50:01:43:80:12:0a:ae:3a"
zonecreate "host1_storage_0a", 50:01:43:80:12:0a:b6:9a;50:06:0e:80:14:43:ec:31"
zonecreate "host2_storage_1a", "50:01:43:80:12:0a:ae:3a;50:06:0e:80:14:39:09:36"
cfgadd "SAN_FAB1_PROD", "host1_storage_0a"
cfgadd "SAN_FAB1_PROD", "host2_storage_1a"
cfgenable "SAN_FAB1_PROD"

Thanks to anyone who can help.

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Re: Clone zoneset before doing a config change via CLI

I worked this out myself.  The command i needed was zoneobjectcopy.

Example shown below:

zoneobjectcopy "SAN_FAB1_PROD", "SAN_FAB_PROD_06042001_v1"

You can run this command before making any changes and if you run into issues just run the cfgenable command and specify the backed up zoneset and you should be all good.

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