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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Can I use x4 FCIP Tunnels to the same effect as 1 FCIP Trunk with x4 circuits

We recently bought 2x Brocade 7800 Extender switches. 


We got all ports enabled with licensing but not the Advanced Extension License. It appears we didn't purchase this mainly due to the understanding of how FCIP/Brocade Licensing Works.


When setting up a FCIP Trunk we inevitably hit the license issue when trying to add >1 circuit and create the FCIP Trunk. This requires the Advanced Extension License.


We are looking at ASynchrous Replication using the FCIP Link to help Replicate SAN Volumes during a DC Migration. From initial setup I can't see how we'd be able to manipulate several FCIP Tunnels. 


In this scenario, without the advanced license, would we be limited to 1Gbe bandwidth or is there a way to utilise multiple FCIP Tunnels for use ?


Thanks in advance


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