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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade Network Advisor with SMI Agent only fabric discovery connection time out

Hi. I have installed BNA with SMI Agent Only to use to discover my fabrics so a third party tool can talk to BNA.  Problem is when I try to discover, I get connection timed out.  I do have some security set up on my switches, but I think I have all of it properly set for the discovery (at least for the primary).  The primary switch and server running BNA are on the same network (though not all the rest).  SNMPv1 community names were input in the discovery box.  SNMP Accesscontrol allows RO access to the server IP.  The primary switch has no ipfilter restricting anything but telnet. 

I had forgotten to allow the IP in snmp accesscontrol at first, but added it in after a few failures and the amount of time in between clicking OK and getting an error went from what seemed like the timeout times retries to immediate.  I don't see any events in webtools that look like anything is even attempting to talk to it and being denied.

I'm a bit stuck on this and hoping to solve my problem today, otherwise it will hold up my vendor coming in tomorrow.  Any thoughts, suggestions are greatly appreciated!



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