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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade Core Switch Upgrade

I have a customer with 2 fabrics, Fab_A & Fab_B. They are upgrading the core switches from a Brocade 4900 to a Brocade 5300

Fab_A consists of (1) 4900, (2) HP Brocade 4024 blade chassis switches

Fab_B consists of (1) 4900, (2) HP Brocade 4024 blade chassis switches

All hosts are multipathed (AIX & Windows). Most, if not all, are physical blade servers in each of the blade chassis. They have an ISL between the 4900s & 4024s.

Where should the 5300 be plugged into without causing a disruption? Can you create another ISL between the 5300 & 4024s while keeping the ISL between the 4900 & 4024s?

How can I copy the zoning config from the Brocade 4900 to Brocade 5300?

Let me know if a diagram would help.



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Re: Brocade Core Switch Upgrade

Hi Jim,

you said that everything is multipathed than I would do an replacement of the switches.

1.) configure the new SAN switch with a different DomainID and make sure that the FabricOps parameter meet the requirements to merge with the 4900

2.) disable all redundant paths of the hosts.

3.) unplug the ISLs from the blade centers

4.) Connect the 4900 and 5300 with an ISL to transfer the zoning. After the Fabric merge unplug the ISL to isolate the 5300. Your zoning is now transfered.

5.) Change the DomainID of the 5300 to the Domain ID of the 4900

6.) Connect the storage into the same ports as it was on the 4900

7.) Connect the BladeCenter ISLs to the 5300

8.) Enable the pathes on the servers.

Check your zoning if you have WWN based zoning in place. If Port based zoning is in place double check your cabling and switch configuration to make sure that all devices are able to see the storage.

Do the same procedure for the second fabric.

Done  and have a drink.

I hope this helps. please mark the thread if this was helpful. If you ned further assist let me know.


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Re: Brocade Core Switch Upgrade

Thanks. I forgot to mention that they will be migrating data from an HP EVA to NetApp FAS. The systems need to stay connected to both storage arrays during this migration.

Would it be recommended to connect the HP EVA to the new Brocade 5300s after the swap out?

Or would it be better to create an ISL between all switches then do the swap out?

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Re: Brocade Core Switch Upgrade

One fabric will have an outage but the data from the servers will be transported over the second fabric if multipathing is working corretly.

The migration mentioned above is a rib and replace procedure.

I see no problems.


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