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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade 5300 ( IBM branded, 2498-B80 ) management port up/down

Out of nowhere, we had a management/Ethernet port go out on our 5300. It’s just going up and down. It had been set to auto-negotiate ( same as our other 5300 that is just fine ), but then we forced 100/full to match what network had set...still having issues. They see the IP go up/down, but no MAC come through. Strange thing is this is the second switch to do this.


One possible theory is maybe our security scanning is knocking this off line, and it can’t recover. Certainly it would not be a hardware failure...twice?? Any possibly way to reset/re-init the management interface only without affecting the SAN switch/fabric?

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Re: Brocade 5300 ( IBM branded, 2498-B80 ) management port up/down



If the ethernet port is hung, you can perform an HAREBOOT (which is non-disruptive tp the FC traffic) of the switch to recover it. 




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