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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade 5000B

We are doing renovation in our Data Center, and would like to introduce FC patch panels that will facilitate cable connectivity in our SAN infrastructure.

At this moment, all our devices are connected to the SAN switches with either 62.5 um or 50 um LC-LC cables.
Our SAN is 4GB/s.

My question is: How many patch panel connection we can introduce per FC link, and how that will impact the total cable length of the FC link from end device to the SAN switches?

Does adding patch panel connections adds up to the total hops in the path from an initiator to the target.

Can you please suggest me the best pratice connection for this.

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Re: Brocade 5000B

No, the patch panel will not increase your hops, but  lesser  the distance , throughput will be good. Always use 50 Micron cable. Length wise it will support  more length than 60.2 micron.Now a days everybody is doing the same in the DCs. It will eliminate the under lying cable issue but sometimes the patch panel ports, i.e. Light Interface Units(LIU) ports have to be checked.These are also properly labeled and a sheet should be maintained.

Best Practice:

If you have 2 HBAs in one Fabric connect one HBA to core1 port 1 and another HBA to core2 port 1.

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