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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade 4424 AG to Cisco MDS 9513 core


I am trying to get more information on connecting a Brocade 4424 switch in AG mode to a Cisco MDS 9513. I have the Brocade in AG mode so that I don't need to worry about running my MDS in interop mode along with consuming a DomainID. My question is I want to verify that what I think is the correct steps is actually correct.

Background of fabric:

One VSAN which has all hosts and storage array ports.

Things to do to get this connected:

On MDS enable npiv

MDS interfaces are set to F mode where Brocade connects.

no fcdomain fcid persistent vsan #

fcinterop fcid-allocation flat

vsan database

vsan # suspend

no vsan # suspend

Is it necessary to change the VSAN interop mode?(I've read this can be a problem with some Qlogic HBA's) If so is it ok to change the VSAN interop mode if this VSAN contains target devices (storage arrays). According to this pdf it says otherwise:;jsessionid=AF877008918B226F8B8CE7E6280D5E86

Any information on this is appreciated.


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Re: Brocade 4424 AG to Cisco MDS 9513 core

I believe, the PID in Brocade must be set to 1 and Interop-Mode in the MDS NPIV must be as Mode 3.

Mode 3 is Brocade Native Mode.


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