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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Booting INTEL system from SAN with emulex LP9802 HBAs

We have a test INTEL system running Win2003 that has (2) LP9802 HBAs installed. We have configured a boot device using the BootBIOS on the HBAs. The system boots fine. The "problem" is that every time the system boots we get the following message from the two silkworm 3900 the server is zoned with.

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Re: Booting INTEL system from SAN with emulex LP9802 HBAs

when a device logs into a fabric, a brocade switch will perform PLOGI to it to determine various attributes about the device. just a guess, but the emulex boot bios firmware may not have the capability to respond to the request (only minimal functionality in order to get things running). once the full software driver is loaded it should be able to handle can run fcpprobeshow <port> on the CLI to view the probing information for a particular device.

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