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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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BR 825 on Provigo 610 1Gbps : no synchro

Hi everybody,

I have a BR825 plugged in a Dell Poweredge R710 with ESXi 4.1 U1 (br825 drivers installed). The FC is connected directly in the Provigo 610F which is a 1Gbps SAN.

Is there a way to make the BR825 working at 1Gbps or make it working with my SAN ?

I tried every rates and options in BR825 Bios, drivers and firmwares are up to date. Vmware plugin installed on Vcenter. I tried also to target limit with bcu, but it tells the card doesn't support it while the target rate limiting was possible under Windows Server 2008 using the manager software from Brocade !!

Thanks in advance !

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Re: BR 825 on Provigo 610 1Gbps : no synchro

Hi Bertrand,

the BR-825 doesn´t support 1G, have a look here:

If I understand this right, you are not using a SAN (Switch), you have a direct cable connecting you server to the storage array. If you add a switch (i.e. Brocade 300) you can attached your 8G-HBA and your 1G-Storage. But keep in mind, that 8G-SFPs also only support 8,4 and 2G. So you have to use a 4G-SFP instead.

Than you can also use the target rate limiting, if you have the licenses for that on the switch.

Kind regards,


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