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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Active Directory users and Killnet

Hi folks,


I recently implemented Active Directory authentication in my SAN environment running FOS7.0.2b. Works perfect but when I issue a killtelnet command I find that my Active Directory userid is mapped to the admin userid as shown below. In fact every Active Directory userid is mapped to admin:


SAN_UT_S104:FID128:ipibradm@xxxx.yyyyyy.zzzzzz> killtelnet

Collecting login information....

List of sessions (1 found)
Session No USER    TTY    IDLE    LOGIN@    FROM
    0      admin   pts/0  0.00s   14:46

Enter Session Number to terminate (q to quit)


Is this behaviour as to be expected or am I missing something here. Any help would be appreciated.


Regards, Pieter




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Re: Active Directory users and Killnet



I just verified this on my ldap Server. What you see is expected behaviour. The killtelnet appears to show you only the role permission your ldap user is mapped on like user, root or admin, in your case it is admin.


I mapped e.g. my ldap user to the switch role of user:


                   List of sessions (2 found)
 Session No   USER     TTY      IDLE     LOGIN@ FROM
     0        user     ttyS0    24.00s   01:28  -
     1        admin    pts/0    0.00s    01:14



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