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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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About the MIB File

Do we have a MIB file for Brocade FC switch. Model number is DS300 and 7800.

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Re: About the MIB File

Hi  Yes we do. SAN switch/director MIBs are associated with the particular FOS version you are running and are located on MyBrocade.  Steps to locate:

1.  Log into MyBrocade.

2.  Click the downloads tab.

3.  Click the down arrow under the "Download by" option and select "all operating systems".

4.  Expand "Fabric Operating System (FOS)"

5.  Proceed to drill down till you get the the FOS release you need.  You will find your MIBs there.

An example file will look like "Fabric OS v7.0.2c MIBs (qz 78.66KB)"


Mike Eversole
Brocade Community Manager

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