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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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AG mode on blade switches

Hello all, is it best practice to enable AG mode on blade switches all of the time (obviously understanding that the fabric to which you're connected needs to support and be configured as such for NPIV).  Are there times where it's not advantageous to do so?  In addition to this if VMWare is running on the blade chassis do you normally have that also configured to use NPIV as a best practice?


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Re: AG mode on blade switches

I am running all my blades in AG mode.  This way there is no domain management required.  There is however a known DEFECT where it logs into the DCX with a phantom WWN that starts with 2500.  Sometimes blocking the ports on the gateway will resolve it but it still shows up grey in EFCM 9.7.2.  When blocking the ports on gateway fail you will need to do a reboot of the gateway.  The fix is coming in the 6.3 FOS in September.

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