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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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AD vs VF

Hi all,


Im having some difficulty understanding the use of Admin Domain vs Virtual Fabric:


- Aren't both used for the same purpose (creating logical switchs)?


- What are the main differences?



Can someone shed some light on this please ?


Thank you

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Re: AD vs VF

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in feew words....


AD is a features where you can assign to a specific user with X Number of Port.

those user have access only to the assigned AD where he have accesss.


admin and root have access to entire switches and AD.


simle to say AD is like a partinion on the Switch.


keep in mind, AD is not supported on FOS 8.0.1


VF is a features to enable and create Logical Switch theoretically most similarly as AD  - VF is continued supported on FOS 8.x -

VF is required and must set to enable i.e. when you want to create Logical Switch in a FICON environment.


Refer FOS Admin Guide for more details.




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