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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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6510 temperature

Hi all,

we recently got a couple of new fully populated Brocade 6510 switches. They seem to run quite hot in that the switch chassis is surprisingly hot to touch. We even went to the trouble of moving the switches in the rack to a better cooled spot but that didn't seem to affect things much.

FabricOS tempshow says that the state is OK and the temperature is 57C/134F. The manuals don't really help in figuring out what exactly this temperature means -- only that the 'ambient temperature' should be 40C. Unlike on some older models there is only one temperature sensor (that tempshow utilises anyway).

Any ideas on whether this is normal? We're in the process of getting the support set up for these and thought to ask the bigger audience on the forums first if someone had similar experiences.

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Re: 6510 temperature

Is probable 16G Switch are a bit hot as other 4G or 8G Plattforms.

Usually I know temperature beetwen 35C-40C by 4G and 8G Plattforms, excepted Brocade 7500 till 45C but no higher.

Really, 57C show to me a bit to high.

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Re: 6510 temperature

6510s have two power supply options with different airflow (either front-to-back or back-to-front) so I'd encourage you to double-check which ones you have as 57C feels indeed too high.

Hope this helps a bit,


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Re: 6510 temperature


we have a similar problem, the FabricOS  tempshow says that the state is OK and the temperature is 53C. But the SAN health flags this temperature as Red and also OK. Is this the normal working tempeature  for the 6510 switches ?

Regards Roland

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