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Ethernet Switch

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Issue with Flow Control in BCM ROBO Switch 5389


We are using BCM ROBO Switch 5389 and the external PHY is 54220 with 6 Ethernet ports.

BCM SDK version we are using is 6.5.2.

The issue we are facing is, whenever we enable flow control feature by configuring the pause settings through BCM Shell/Application, the port LED comes up.

The port LED comes up even when there is no cable plugged in or the port is disabled.

Even after turning off the flow control feature, the port LED stays up.

The only way to get to a working condition is to hard reset/reboot the board.

Could someone please suggest a possible solution to this problem?


BCM.0> port ?

Usage (PORT): Parameters: <ports> [AutoNeg=on|off] [enable] [disable]

        [STP=Disable|Block|LIsten|LEarn|Forward] [detach] [probe] [attach]

        [LinkScan=on|off|hw|sw] [SPeed=10|100|1000] [FullDuplex=true|false]

        [TxPAUse=on|off RxPAUse=on|off] [DISCard=none|untag|all]

        [PRIOrity=<0-7>] [PHymaster=<Master|Slave|Auto>]


        If only <ports> is specified, characteristics for that port are

        displayed. <ports> is a standard port bitmap (see "help pbmp").

        If AutoNeg is on, SPeed and DUPlex are the ADVERTISED MAX values.

        If AutoNeg is off, SPeed and DUPlex are the FORCED values.

        SPeed of zero indicates maximum speed.

        LinkScan enables automatic scanning for link changes with updating

        of MAC registers.

        PAUse enables send/receive of pause frames in full duplex mode.

        PRIOrity sets the priority for untagged packets coming on this port.

BCM.0> port ge TxPAUse=on RxPAUse=on



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