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wsm firmware upgrade incident



I am afraid I've screwed up upgrading the firmware on one of our serverirons. I've successfully upgraded the main flash, but from some reason the wsm flash is empty. the system is now stuck after boot saying "WSR initialization in progress. Please wait..." but it never completes. I cannot enter enable because of that. Is there any way to fix this?





ServerIronGT C-Series>show flash
Active management module:
Code Flash Type: AMD 29LV033C, Size: 64 * 65536 = 4194304, Unit: 4
Boot Flash Type: AMD 29LV040B, Size: 8 * 65536 = 524288
Compressed Pri Code size = 5652927, Version 10.2.00eTD4 (foundry/WXR10200e.bin)
Compressed Sec Code size = 5644121, Version 10.2.00dTD4 (foundry/WXR10200d.bin)
Maximum Code Image Size Supported: 6946304 (0x0069fe00)
Boot Image size = 290596, Version 09.03.00 (m2b09500.bin)
INFO: empty config data in the primary area, try to read from backup
INFO: empty config data in the backup area also
Configuration Data  Flash is empty. 
Used Configuration Flash Size=0, Max Configuration Flash Size=327680.

WSM module slot 2 CPU 1:
Code Flash Type: , Size: 0 * 0 = 0
Boot Flash Type: , Size: 0 * 0 = 0
Compressed Pri Code: size = 0 Version 
Compressed Sec Code: size = 0 Version 
Maximum Code Image Size Supported: 0 (0x00000000)
Boot Image size = 0 Version 
Maximum Boot Image Size Supported: 0 (0x00000000)


ServerIronGT C-Series>en
WSR initialization in progress. Please wait...



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Re: wsm firmware upgrade incident

Hi Steve,


Did you see this post already by chance?




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Re: wsm firmware upgrade incident

Hi Martin,


yes I did see it actually. I spent hours trying all possible options - removing the card, putting it in different slot etc. without any luck since the failed upgrade - so it is unlikely to be related to physical installation of the board as I've been reshuffling it hundred times without any joy.




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