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Application Delivery (ADX)

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hash-to-bucket problem when 302 Moved Temporarly in jboss


i have 2 jboss real server, binded by a virtual server.

the problem is:

1/ clients makes a request

2/ an undefined backend answers with moved temporarly and sets a cookie with a value like "adkl3242kl"

3/ client makes a request to the new location and the cookie "adkl3242kl"

4/ now the lb has no stickyness and no persist string in hash-to-bucket yet. only thing defined is least-connection. So the request in point 3 goes to the other jboss backend server which has no idea about the cooke "adkl3242kl" --> fail.

how can I make the client requesting to the same backend after this backend sent 302 moved temporarly?

persist actions can only be done on request actions but not response... as far as i know...

any help is appreciated!

thank u

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Re: hash-to-bucket problem when 302 Moved Temporarly in jboss

Maybe my explanation of the problem was a bit strange... so lets try it once more:

I want to use content swichting based on the JSESSIONID http cookie header field. I am already able to create a rule that matches the JSESSIONID value (e.g: asfkdha93314hkd... - 32chars and numbers). But, when sending an http request the jboss reponses temporarly moved and sets the jsessionid. When the client makes a new request with the previously received jsessionid, the loadbalancer forwards it to another backend . And then hash-to-bucket mechanism sets a persist string. But the given cookie is not known by the different backend server. How do I fix this problem?

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